A Night in Kanazawa, Japan

JAPAN. A country that is home to cities dedicated to electronics, historic temples and shrines, natural wonders that showcase picturesque landscapes, and more. You’ll discover more than you had imagined!

While many visitors are sure to visit the snow-packed mountains of HOKKAIDO, the non-stop atmosphere of Japan’s biggest city, TOKYO, and the old capital of KYOTO — what about the prefectures and cities located in between?

Chock full of character, culture, and history — where does one begin to choose their next destination to explore?

We recently welcomed our “MATSURI in Sydney 2016” First Place competition winners, Trudy-san & Dinh-san — first time visitors to Japan, and the city of KANAZAWA (Link)!



Flying in from Australia to Tokyo, they spending a whirlwind 3 weeks in Japan.

Jumping on the Hokuriku Shinkansen train (bullet train), they found themselves in the seaside city of KANAZAWA, and at our “Hisago Uma” traditional machiya house –where we would be hosting them during their stay.

Hisago UMA | Kanazawa machiya house (Link)http://kanazawa-machiya-inn.com/hisagouma/


Our staff, Fujioka-san, not only welcomed Trudy-san & Dinh-san to the machiya house, but helped to introduce them to the wonders of Kanazawa! (Fun Fact: Fujioka-san was born & raised in Kanazawa, but spent 30 years living and working in New York!)

Their first impressions of the house?

Trudy-san said that although her family is involved in architecture, the machiya house “is so different. . . .we came inside and started to find out the structure of the house…which room we should sleep in. There are so many rooms!” Dinh-san also noted that “It’s so traditional. The technique, timber, the material…the color is so traditional.”

What was their experience like staying in a traditional Japanese house?

“We know more about Japanese culture, and enjoyed the peace and tranquility of Kanazawa”

Would you stay in one again?

“Staying in a machiya is not only a stay in a comfortable residence, but also a cultural experience. We’d like to bring our parents here next time. They must love this!”

It was truly our pleasure welcoming Trudy-san & Dinh-san to Kanazawa as our very first “MATSURI in Sydney 2016” winners! Now that they have had a little taste of Japan, and Kanazawa, we hope that it will inspire them to come visit and stay with Machiya Residence Inn again.


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