Maximum Capacity (Number of guests)

Zanmai-an Living Room

Zanmai-an | 三昧庵

Up to 4 Guests


Sekka-an | 雪佳庵

Up to 4 Guests


Hanagoromo | 花衣

Up to 5 guests


Hanakagari | 花篝

Up to 5 guests

Hotei-an Sitting Room

Hotei-an | 布袋庵

Up to 6 Guests


Natsume-an | 棗庵

Up to 6 Guests


Garaku-an | 雅樂庵

Up to 8 Guests



1. Accommodation Booking

For those who wish to reserve an accommodation via Internet, please use the online reservation form available on the webpage for each accommodation facility and follow the prompt.

Reservations can also be made via telephone:

Tel No. 050-3786-2009 (Opening hours 10am - 7pm)

2. Payment of Accommodation Charges

We ask for advance payment of accommodation charges for guests who have made a reservation with Machiya Residence Inn. The reservation will remain as a “tentative reservation” until payment has been confirmed. Payment upon arrival is accepted in cases where a reservation has been made less than 1 week to the day of check-in. In such cases, we will need to ask for your credit card details. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

When a reservation request has been received, we will send an e-mail instructing you on payment methods. Please check the details of the e-mail carefully, and pay the accommodation charge either by credit card transaction via Paypal or depositing the amount into our nominated bank account. (We seek your understanding that all transaction fees involved are under your responsibility)

3. Booking Confirmation

Once the payment has been confirmed, you will receive a booking confirmation e-mail from Machiya Residence Inn's management company, AJ InterBridge Inc. The e-mail will include a detailed map of the region, and check-in details.

We will clarify the time of arrival, and other important information via e-mail when the date of arrival approaches.

Booking Cancellation

Cancellation of accommodation booking will incur cancellation charges.

A cancellation that is made more than 29 days prior to the arrival date is subject to full refund minus any PayPal or Wire Transfer fees involved in receiving and returning the original payment.

Cancellation Charges :

No Show 100%
Accommodation day 100%
1 to 7 days prior to
accommodation day
8 to 28 days prior to
accommodation day


Remarks :

  1. The percentages signifies the rate of cancellation charge to the Basic Accommodation Charges.
  2. When the number of days contracted is shortened. the cancellation charge for its first day shall be paid by the Guest regardless of the number of days shortened.