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A Celebratory Visit!


A Celebratory holiday!

Family trips. Adventures with friends. Revisiting cities full of memories. Celebrating big achievements.
We have guests from Japan, and all over the world who visit our city for various reasons!

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Same City, New Memories

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Same City, New Memories!

Japan is a country filled with a unique and wonderful history — from the people, the food, the sights, the stories! Learn about the country, and experience Kyoto — you’ll leave here with unforgettable memories, and more.

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Your Home Away from Home

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Your Home in Kyoto

Planning a visit to Kyoto with your family soon? Our machiya (町家) houses are the perfect place to stay for families both big and small. It’s the perfect place for you to relax and live in during your stay.

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A Night in Kanazawa

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A Night in Kanazawa, Japan

JAPAN. A country that is home to cities dedicated to electronics, historic temples and shrines, natural wonders that showcase picturesque landscapes, and more. You’ll discover more than you had imagined!
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