Same City, New Memories!

Japan is a country filled with a unique and wonderful history — from the people, the food, the sights, the stories! Learn about the country, and experience Kyoto — you’ll leave here with unforgettable memories, and more.

Theo-san and his lovely wife, Dorothea-san first visited Japan more than 10 years ago, which sparked Theo-san’s interest in learning the language and the culture. Now, with their two children, they are revisiting old sights, and discovering new places as a family!

Theo-san is known as the “Japanese Chef” of this family! Not only does the family have an interest in the country and language, but the entire family has a love of Japanese food — which Theo-san cooks back home in Germany (he creates authentic Japanese dishes while taking inspiration from cookbooks!).

What inspired you to learn Japanese?

T: “I’ve been to Kyoto 4 times.  I have been here 3 times with my Japanese teacher, the first time I went here with my wife.”

D: “That’s why he decided to learn a bit of Japanese. Because the first time we came here was in 1999, and everything was in Hiragana [Japanese character]. You have to learn at least hiragana to know where you are!”

Has Japan become more foreigner-friendly since you first visited?

T: “Yes, since the soccer world championship, a lot has changed….and because of the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo it has become foreigner-friendly.”


Had you known about “machiya” houses before you came to Kyoto?

D: “No. We’ve stayed in ryokans [Japanese inn]. I prefer ryokans to hotels, and especially with kids there is space and more freedom, … I think it’s great when traveling.”

T: “So I searched for a place and found [Machiya Residence Inn] . There are a lot of lovely houses, but I chose this one because I wanted to stay somewhere central where everything is near.”


How did you spend your day using the complimentary One-Day Kyoto City Bus Pass?

T: “We used the bus ticket to visit Fushimi-Inari Taisha, then Kinkakuji-Temple, Ryoanji-Temple and the Arashiyama Area.

We love our stay in Kyoto and especially our Machiya Momohana-an. “


We had such a great time meeting and speaking with Theo-san, Dorothea-san, and the entire family.

We loved hearing about what they found fascinating about the Japanese culture, how they incorporate the culture back home in Germany, and their experiences in Japan! As there was a typhoon approaching on their final day with us, the entire family decided to extend their stay for an additional night– which we were more than happy to accommodate.

また会いましょう!We hope to see the entire family in Kyoto again soon!

Take a look at the house the family stayed in: Momohana-an 

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