Summer Fun in Kyoto

Summer Fun in Kyoto

From sakura (cherry blossoms) in the spring, vivid colors in the autumn, blankets of snow covering temple rooftops, and lush trees in the summer. Kyoto is truly an adventure throughout the seasons.

Summer has come to a close, but we’ve had such a great time meeting our guests from all over the world, having the opportunity to introduce our newly opened properties, and enjoying summer to its fullest!

This summer, we saw the opening of several new machiya houses throughout the city -- each unique in its own design, location, and architecture:

"Yoitsubaki" Machiya House


A unique house located near the Fushimi Inari Shrine, and Tofukuji Temple -- it has 2 bathtubs, with one being a neyu bathtub. Don't know what a neyu bathtub is? Stay in this machiya house to find out!

"Hanakagari" Machiya House


"Hanagoromo" Machiya House

Hanakagari & Hanagoromo are 2 machiya houses located next to one another (pictured below). It's perfect for a larger group of family and friends who love to travel and explore together. You can of course reserve just one house, too!


"Gojo Takase-an" Machiya House


"Toji Akebono-an" Machiya House


In addition to our guests, our staff have had quite a busy and eventful summer, too!  

From visiting local sightseeing spots, enjoying traditional summer treats, cheering on local baseball games, traveling throughout the city... summer in Kyoto has been given us great memories, too.


SUMMER 2017 was truly one for the memories! We look forward to meeting you in summer 2018!

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