Visiting Kyoto again, and again

Kyoto is a city that you can visit time and time again, but still manage to discover something new each time!

Our guest, Hokeng-san, stayed with Machiya Residence Inn last year, but decided to come back again with his family this summer! He not only wanted to show his family around this historical city, but stay in the same machiya house he had stayed in previously, Nadeshiko Shirakawa.


Visiting from Taiwan, Hokeng and his family stopped by Japan for a quick 4 day visit. As Taiwan is only a short 3+ hour flight to Kansai International Airport, Kyoto is the perfect place to stop by for a short or longer visit.

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How is a machiya 「町家」 different from a hotel?

“We have an independent space here that feels like living at home. For Machiya Residence Inn, [they provided] us necessary living stuff, e.g. washing machine, cooking tools so that we can cook by ourselves with fresh Japanese food.”

Why did you decide to stay with Machiya Residence Inn again?

Hokeng-san said that the modern kitchen facilities, and amenities allowed him and his family to “live in Kyoto.” “We travel with family and like to stay at one place for a time. As described above, Machiya is our best choice in Kyoto.”

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Your favorite memory of Kyoto?

“I like some traditional park like Gion (祇園), temples e.g. Chion-in (知恩院), Kiyomizu Temple (清水寺) and Nanzenji Temple (南禅寺)。The view of those places makes people feel comfortable [and at] peace. Especially those big trees, wooden constructions… [it] makes people think about the natural beauty and the old people’s great efforts on building this.”

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We were so pleased to have had another opportunity to welcome Hokeng-san back to Kyoto along with his family — we hope to see everyone again in the very near future!


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