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Planning a visit to Kyoto with your family soon? Our machiya (町家) houses are the perfect place to stay for families both big and small. It’s the perfect place for you to relax and live in during your stay.

Visitors of Kyoto are often under the impression that Japanese houses are small and cramped — especially traditional machiya houses. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that our machiya houses may have several bedrooms, a living space, more than one bathroom, and more to comfortably accommodate any group size of family and friends.

Hilary-san and Geoff-san stayed with us this summer at our Sumitsugu (LINK) and Kageroi (LINK) machiya house with their little family — all whom are seasoned world travelers!

They have been traveling for well over a year — starting in Paris, and traveling through Portugal, Israel, India, Nepal, South Korea and more! Japan was their last leg of their trip, and we were pleased to accommodate them in KYOTO and KANAZAWA during their time.


Geoff-san and his wife are no strangers to Japan. Geoff-san not only taught himself how to speak Japanese in high school, but even had an opportunity to visit several times over the past several years.

Why did you decide to stay in a machiya house?

Hilary-san: “Because we are a family, it’s hard to find a place with three bedrooms […] your company was the only place that offered space.”

Geoff-san: “We wanted to stay in a place that was traditional.I think it’s wonderful. The feel and finish of the place is great.”

Why choose to visit KANAZAWA? Although Kyoto is quite famous, KANAZAWA is a city that is still relatively unknown to many.

Geoff-san: “It’s really a shame [that not many people know], actually. We didn’t know a whole lot about it, but because it was a traditional town that wasn’t well known we wanted to explore it. It was great. We were there for about 3 nights, 4 days.

It is a small city, but it was the perfect amount of time….there’s not a lot to do with kids in Tokyo. Kanazawa was great. I love that traditional, historic feel. …. You can go to Nagano, and surrounding cities. It was quite neat, because you could tell that tourism was still somewhat new there… so it was nice that it maintained its historic charm.”


Since you’ve had a chance staying in two different machiya houses, what was the experience like?

“It was much nicer than staying in a hotel. It gave us flexibility to cook our meals if we didn’t feel like going out for food. The layout is perfect for a family with children.”


What was your most memorable moment in KYOTO & KANAZAWA?

The Gion Festival in Kyoto, and visiting Kanazawa Castle & Kenroku-en Garden. 


We loved hosting Hilary-san, Geoff-san, and their entire family in KYOTO & KANAZAWA! We hope to see them again soon.

If you are planning on visiting Japan with your family, feel free to ask our staff members for recommendations regarding machiya houses that will suit your family. From small houses to big, located near the main station or near the city center — there is sure to be a house waiting to be your home!

Machiya Residence Inn KYOTO


Machiya Residence Inn KANAZAWA