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Special Offers

Ready to plan your next stay with Machiya Residence Inn?
From luxurious breakfast boxes, long getaways, family trips, and more,
take advantage of our special offers to make your next visit to Kyoto even more memorable!

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Receive 3 Exclusive Offers
with our NEW YEAR 2020 Campaign

Fukubukuro New Year Gift Bag
Free Luggage Delivery
Late Check-Out
Available for guests who check-in between : 

*Reservations must be made for 2 nights or more.

2,000 yen off when you order now Limited quantities available daily

Traditional New Year’s osechi breakfast
delivered to your machiya

Each osechi breakfast is made specially for you, masterfully prepared by the former chef of a renowned ryokan specializing in fine Kyoto cuisine.

Special Discount when you order early

Order before 10/31 and receive yours for

¥10,0008,000 yen (+tax)

Available for delivery only between 2020/1/1~2020/1/3

Choose Your OsechiDelivered in the morning right to your machiya.
Guests staying 1 night or more night are welcomed to order.

Traditional Kyoto-style osechi

featuringRoast duck, grilled salmon, sesame beef, sushi rolled in kombu kelp, octopus, salmon roe, fish cake, vegetable cake, egg omelet, red rice.
And an assortment of colourful Japanese vegetables and fruit such as lotus root, young ginger, pickled daikon and carrot salad, lily flower root, water chestnut root, rolled kelp, taro root, shitake mushroom, carrot, boiled sweet chestnut and kumquat citrus fruit.

1. Herring roe represents a prosperous family

2. Sweet black beans symbolize good health

3. Shrimp represents a wish for a long life


Special fusion osechi with roast beef

featuringRoast beef, local Kyoto pork prepared in white miso, salmon, grilled mackerel, shrimp, smoked salmon, fried lotus root with pork, sushi rolled in kombu kelp, vegetable cake, fish cake with cheese, herring roe.
And an assortment of colourful Japanese vegetables and fruit such as pickled Japanese ginger, sweet black beans, pickled daikon and carrot salad, turnip arranged into a chrysanthemum flower, rolled kelp, water chestnut root carved into a pinecone shape, boiled sweet chestnut and kumquat citrus.

1. Pink and white fish cakes represent the rising sun and celebration

2. Daikon root symbolizes a clear future

3. Egg omelet represents learning and growth

Kindly note:
* Some dishes may contain dairy products, wheat, soy beans, nuts, eggs, seafood, sesame and other potential allergens. Please inform us in advance should you have food allergies.
* Orders can be made by November 30th 2019.
* Delivery is between 7:30 am and 9:30 am.
* Cancellations made after December 1st will be charged the full amount.
* Menu contents are subject to change.

Food & Drink

Machiya Breakfast Bento Made fresh every morning, and delivered right to your door.

An offer only available for guests who stay with Machiya Residence Inn Kyoto. Have a taste of our French-Japanese inspired breakfast bento, created by an acclaimed Gion chef. Or start your day with our healthy & fresh Western-style breakfast bento, carefully curated by our Machiya Residence Inn chefs.

Spend a luxurious and relaxing morning with a delicious Machiya Breakfast Bento.

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