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An Early Morning Walk in Gion, Kyoto

Located at the heart of Kyoto city is ‘Gion’, an area lined with machiya architecture, long-established shops and traditional restaurants. This beautifully preserved historical neighborhood is also known for being the center of traditional entertainment, as the most famous maiko and geiko tea houses are located here.

Take a sneak peek of a hidden Gion down below, introduced to you by one of our expert Kyoto guides, Kenji! And if you’d like to join in on a ‘Private Gion Walking Tour’ during your next visit to Kyoto, keep reading down below.

Gion is much more than just the famous Hanamikoji Street and tea houses. Hidden finds are all around, if you know just where to look. Our local guide knows all of Gion’s  nooks and crannies, and would love to show you around while letting you in on his knowledge of historical and cultural facts. Make sure to book our Gion Walking Tour for your own adventure!

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