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What is a Machiya? A brief history

Machiya are traditional Japanese wooden architecture, found in historically preserved cities such as Kyoto and Kanazawa, Japan. More specifically the ‘kyo machiya’ refers to the Kyoto-style machiya houses found in the city of Kyoto, which have been built before 1950.

The traditional wooden buildings functioned not only as a residence where families lived, but also acted as store fronts where their day to day businesses were conducted. From kimono shops, thread shops, dry goods stores, and more, these traditional Japanese houses were an integral part of Japanese culture and life.

While protecting the history and culture of the machiya, MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN strives to maintain the traditional design aspect while also bringing updates to meet the modern needs of our guests. By staying in one of our machiya, you will have a piece of Japanese history all to youself!

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