Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we have temporarily suspended our breakfast delivery options at our machiya holiday homes.
We will update our guests on this page when our breakfast option becomes available again.

  • Special Offers
    HEALTHY FRESH × Feel-Good The perfect start to your morning.
    Our Machiya Residence Inn chefs have curated the perfect breakfast box for you to begin your day in Kyoto. Freshly-made every morning, each ‘HEALTHY FRESH’ MACHIYA Breakfast Bento is filled with a healthy chicken and quinoa salad, homemade maple granola, soup-of-the-day, morning smoothie, and more.
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  • 京都料亭の仕出し朝食
    KYOTO × Traditional An authentic taste of Kyoto, Japan. We’ve created another exclusive MACHIYA Breakfast Bento for our Kyoto guests, this time in collaboration with masterchef, Tetsuya Horii. Renowned for his exquisite Japanese cuisine, Chef Horii has created an original MACHIYA Breakfast Bento that combines the culinary traditions of Japan together with seasonal Kyoto ingredients. Click for more details