Choose your deluxe machiya breakfast bento — made fresh daily, and delivered to your machiya every morning.

  • Special Offers
    HEALTHY FRESH × Feel-Good The perfect start to your morning.
    Our Machiya Residence Inn chefs have curated the perfect breakfast box for you to begin your day in Kyoto. Freshly-made every morning, each ‘HEALTHY FRESH’ Machiya Breakfast Bento is filled with a healthy chicken and quinoa salad, homemade maple granola, soup-of-the-day, morning smoothie, and more.
    *Menu will change daily, using only the freshest seasonal ingredients.
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  • Special Offers
    KYOTO ORIGINAL × Fusion-Food A unique new take on your breakfast.
    Experience a different side of Kyoto’s food culture while relaxing in your machiya house. Each ‘KYOTO ORIGINAL’ Machiya Breakfast Bento combines rich French and Japanese flavors using homemade cured ham, seasonal vegetables, desserts, and more.
    *Collaboration with French-Japanese chef Masayasu Yonemura, owner of popular Gion restaurant.
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