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What is a MACHIYA?

Even if you’re just dreaming of planning a vacation in Japan or searching for where to stay in Kyoto with family, you will see this word pop-up during your searches. To put it simply, ‘machiya’ (町家・町屋) are traditional Japanese wooden townhouses that once served as both a place of residence and business. In particular, you will see many machiya in Kyoto, as the city was relatively untouched during the war. Known as ‘kyomachiya’ (Kyoto machiya), there are still many of these historical machiya houses still standing in the city.

While protecting the history and culture of the machiya, MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN strives to maintain the traditional design aspect while also bringing updates to meet the modern needs of our guests. By staying in one of our machiya, you will have a piece of Japanese history all to youself!

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