Natsume-an | 棗庵

Natsume-an | 棗庵

541-43 Suemaruchō Nakagyō-ku, Kyoto 604-0901

Machiya House

Surrounded by the Kamogawa River, Kyoto Imperial Palace, and Nijo Castle, this Kyo-machiya house is located in an ideal area for those looking to explore this historical city. 







This particular machiya house is located in Suemaru-cho (末丸町) , an area of Kyoto south of the Imperial Palace.

Look towards the east and you’ll see Daimonji Yama (大文字山)– a mountain that bears a large “大” character (meaning “great”) on it’s mountainside.

Take a stroll across the bridge over the Kamogawa River, and you will find yourself in a hub of the city’s cultural and historical neighborhood –The Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto City Zoo, Heian Shrine, Nanzenji Temple, and countless other sightseeing attractions.

Follow the river north to explore Shimogamo Jinja –an important shrine that predates the establishment of Kyoto city itself.



With dark, wooden features decorating it’s exterior, “Natusme-an” is a traditional Kyo-machiya that will provide you with a spacious & comfortable home during you stay in Kyoto. From the entrance, each room of this house will draw your attention further and further towards the back of this house – where you will find a large “tsuboniwa” garden.

Using a variety of different types of wood, the various rich, warm tones perfectly complement the traditional Japanese design and tatami flooring (Japanese straw mats) found throughout the house. Enjoy a traditional machiya house with modern conveniences during your stay in Kyoto.



The exterior walls of Natsume-an are partially designed with Mortar & Sumi (black ink created from soot; typically used in traditional artwork). This machiya house provides plenty of natural light with its large windows, windows featuring latticework, and high ceilings. The tile roofing above the entranceway is known as Ichimonji Kawara-buki (tiling that resembles the Kanji character ).

Japanese Room (Entrance)

To the right is a small chashitsu (茶室) , a traditional tea room lined with tatami mats. This elevated room has an arched entranceway, and features checkered washi-paper (delicately-thin Japanese paper) on all 4 walls. Start your day off, or unwind after a day of traveling within this serene atmosphere. For families with small children, this is a perfect place to utilize as a play area. 

When more than 5 guests stay in this house, 1 additional futon can be set here.


A fully functional kitchen can be found on the 1st floor. This kitchen is complete with a dining room table, 2 sinks, and all of the essentials necessary for you to make light meals during you stay. In addition, because this kitchen can be found in an open-plan area, it is an ideal space to cook together with family & friends. 

Living Room

Slide open the glass-paned sliding door to reveal a living room that incorporates many traditional elements. From the tatami-lined floors, to the view of the tsuboniwa garden, this living space is the perfect place for you and your guests to reminisce about your days travels. This room also features a hori-gotatsu (a kotatsu table with a sunken floor space)  suitable for guests who would like to experience the Japanese-style floor table, while still being able to stretch your legs out.

Tsuboniwa” Garden

Dark wood paneling provide backdrop to the vibrant greenery found in the garden. A hanging Tsuri-doro (hanging metal lantern) glows in the corner, while a golden, brass sculpture (reminiscent of a “tsukubai” water fountain; found in traditional tea ceremony rooms) adds a hint of modernity to this otherwise traditional garden. The design of this garden also produces a mysterious and enchanting source of light that radiates throughout the house. 


Wooden paneling, with alternating hues of dark and light brown, reflect the natural concept of this machiya house. A window looking out into the garden provides a view that will help you to rejuvenate after a day of exploring the city.

A separate toilet space is available on both the 1st and 2nd floor.

2nd Floor

Western-Style Room:

2 twin-sized beds can be found in this room. The high ceilings, which expose the large wooden beams, allow you to appreciate the traditional architecture of “Natsume-an”. Slide open the shoji windows (sliding windows lined with thin paper) to reveal a large open space that sweeps up from the 1st floor to the ceiling. Large paper lanterns, and a window that stretches across the entire length of one wall provide plenty of light. 

Japanese-style Room:

The Japanese tatami-lined room (traditional straw mats) incorporates traditional Japanese design elements. A toko-no-ma, (床の間) an elevated small alcove, displays kakeji artwork in the corner of the room. In this room, up to 3 futon beddings can be set for guests.


  • Complimentary WIFI Internet
  • Plasma TV
  • Washing machine
  • Washing detergent
  • Refrigerator
  • Air conditioner (each room)
  • Induction Heating Cooker
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Kettle
  • Rice cooker
  • Hair dryer
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Toilet x 2 (1st Floor x 1; 2nd Floor x 1)
  • Bathroom (Separate shower & bathtub)
  • 2 Twin beds & 4 Futon mattress
  • Cookware / Diningware
  • Plates, cups & cutlery (enough for 6 guests)
  • Kitchen cloth & sponge
  • Kitchen detergent


  • Green Tea Leaves, Black Tea Bags & Coffee
  • Bath towel & Face towel
  • Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Razor
  • Cotton set
  • Hand soap

*No pajamas/yukata will be provided. Please bring your own sleepwear for a pleasant night’s sleep

Room Layout

Located around the corner of “Natsume-an” is Kyoto’s Kamogawa River.

During the summer, the Kamogawa River is lined with pale pink cherry blossom trees.

In the summer, you can enjoy various outdoor festivals, or even dinner by the river. “Kawadoko” dining is a popular summer pastime – outdoor dining patios are set all along the river for you to have a meal while enjoying the Kyoto scenery.

Visit during autumn, and you’ll be greeted with the famous Kyoto fall foliage. Vibrant red, orange, and yellow leaves paint a picturesque scenery.

If you are lucky, you may even be able to experience the Kamogawa River blanketed in powder white snow during the winter.



From Kyoto Station to Natsume-an by Subway
-Approximately 22 minutes

  1. Take the Keihan Subway Line
  2. Get off at Jingu-Marutamachi Station (Exit 1)
  3. Walk to Natsume-an (Approximately 4 minutes on foot)
From Kyoto Station to Natsume-an by Taxi
Approximately 15 minutes (about 4.3 kilometers)

*You can get to Kyoto station from Kansai International Airport by JR Express HARUKA line (approximately 80 minutes by train)


541-43 Suemaru-cho Nakagyo-ku Kyoto 604-0901 Japan
Address (in Japanese)
〒604-0901 京都市中京区末丸町541-43
Phone (Domestic)
050 3786 2009 (10:00am-19:00pm)
Phone (International)
+81 50 3786 2009 (10:00am-19:00pm)
Operating hours
Check in: 15:00-20:00
Check out: -10:00
Guest service time: 10:00-19:00
Please inform us in advance if you are due to arrive after 8pm.

Natsume-an is located in a quiet neighborhood — near local supermarkets, numerous restaurants and sightseeing attractions. Take a morning stroll along the Kamogawa River, stop by the supermarket to buy groceries to cook a light meal, & explore the gardens of Kyoto’s Imperial Palace with your friends & family. There are countless ways for you to enjoy your stay at Natsume-an!

Local Info

1. Kamogawa Takashi
A small yakiniku restaurant by the Kamogawa River, you can choose between counter seats or table seats. The chef will cook the meat right in front of you, so you do not have to worry about grilling the meat yourself.

2. Kappo Harada
A Japanese style restaurant facing Kawaramachi street. You can enjoy delicious cuisine as well as sake at their counter seats. With many fans of this restaurant, we recommend getting a reservation early.

3. MISSLIM Tea Place
A black tea specialty cafe, you can enjoy sweets and their famed black tea to relax during your travels.

A popular local ramen restaurant, their chicken ramen is highly recommended.

Close to Jingu Marutamachi Station, this restaurant specializes in grilled meat skewers. They have many interesting and rare types of meat skewers to choose from.

6. Kyono Tsukuneya
A chicken specialty restaurant that uses meticulously chosen chicken meat and eggs in their dishes. We recommend the oyakodon, or chicken and egg donburi, as well as their tsukune nabe, a hotpot made with chicken and egg meatballs.

7. Manzara Main Branch
A famed restaurant where you can enjoy dishes made from seasonal vegetables and other ingredients from Kyoto. You can also buy grilled mackerel sushi as a souvenir.


Per Guest Per Guest
2 guests From 33,000 yen per night From 16,500 yen per guest
3 guests From  36,000 yen per night From 12,000 yen per guest
4 guests From  39,000 yen per night From 9,750 yen per guest
5 guests From  42,000 yen per night From 8,400 yen per guest
6 guests From  45,000 yen per night From 7,500 yen per guest

This machiya house can accommodate up to 6 guests.

Rates will vary depending on season, date, and number of guests.

(Children who do not require bedding will not be included within the total number of guests.)
*Certain restrictions will apply. Please ask our staff members for more details.