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  • Live like a Local


    With more than fifty "machiya" (町家, traditional Japanese townhouses) spread throughout Kanazawa and Kyoto, choose to stay in the perfect machiya house to best fit your needs and travel plans.

    Machiya are traditional townhouses, typically two-story, which previously served as both a residence, and place of commerce for merchants and craftsmen. When you stay with Machiya Residence Inn, you are able to rent out an entire traditional townhouse all to yourself. Each house has been carefully renovated to maintain the traditional design, while updated to meet the modern needs of our guests.

    Experience life as a local, enjoy the abundance of attractions and sightseeing locations, discover beloved neighborhood restaurants, hidden specialty shops, and secret sightseeing spots surrounding your machiya house. Live like a local!


New Machiya

  • Choya Gosho-Minami

    Choya Gosho-Minami

    • ~8 GUESTS
    • 85.0㎡
    • From 33,000 yen~

    The beginning of the Meiji Period ushered in not only an influx of western influences, but represented the cultural exchange of Japanese & Western ideas. Gosho-Minami is a neighborhood home to many historical Japanese architecture, the Kyoto Imperial Palace, and...

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  • Asagi-an


    • Up to 8 Guests
    • 79.34㎡
    • From 33,000 yen~/per night

    Towards the end of the Edo Period, and beginning of the Meiji Period, a new hybrid samurai-police force emerged in Kyoto to protect the Tokugawa Shogunate (leading feudal Japanese government). Known as the “Shinsengumi,” their prominence was not only felt...

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  • Akebono-an


    • ~4 GUESTS
    • 54.47㎡
    • From 24,000 yen~

    Exuding a calm and inviting atmosphere, Akebono-an machiya house combines rich, dark wooden features along with natural light to brighten up the entire property. From the glass doors that look out into the garden, to the skylight that has been...

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  • Ichie-an


    • Up to 5 Guests
    • 83.64㎡
    • From 28,000 yen~/per night

    Enter the house to be greeted by a wide, and open space. With high ceilings, exposed wooden beams, and a spacious floor plan, you will be able to enjoy and relaxing stay at Ichie-an machiya house. The living room features...

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  • Fujinoma


    • Up to 8 Guests
    • 76.55㎡
    • From 24,000 yen~/per night

    Nihon buyo, 舞踊 Nihon Buyo refers to various forms of classical Japanese dance, which is notable for being stylistic and dynamic, yet calming, and beautifully expressive. "Fujinoma" machiya house is built upon the former residence of Fujima Kannsei (藤間勘紫恵), a...

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  • Bonbori-an


    • ~4 GUESTS
    • 54.10㎡
    • From 31,000 yen~

    With the Yasaka Pagoda a few meters away, Bonbori-an machiya house is a beautifully restored traditional property that will transport you a world away. Although this traditional Japanese house is one of the most popular areas of Kyoto (Higashiyama District)...

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