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'Katoguchi' Tea Room Entrance - Machiya House Features

Have you ever noticed the different entrance designs of tea rooms?

Tea room entrances with low, square openings (known as nijiri-guchi) are for guests, and require them to lower themselves to crawl into the room. This was especially important during the Warring States period, when the samurai master-servant relationship was strong. But with the low openings in the tea room, samurai warriors had to remove their swords to enter, which placed everyone as equals and ignored class rankings!

On the other hand, entrances with a sloping, arched design (known as katoguchi) was mainly used as an entrance for servers and hosts.


Our tea room in ‘Natsume-an’ Machiya House is reminiscent of a tea room, but can function as a bedroom (a futon bed can be set here)!

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    Natsume-an, a traditional Kyoto house located in a relaxed neighborhood by the Kamogawa River, is located in an ideal area for those wanting to explore the more historical side of Kyoto city.
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    The raised tea room in this traditional Japanese house has soft lighting illuminating the curved ceiling and washi paper walls.
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    With a modern kitchen and spacious dining table, this Kyoto house is ideal for travelers wanting to be able to prepare light meals by themselves.
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    In addition the the western style bedroom, this Japanese room with tatami mats can transforms into a bedroom when futon beds are laid out.
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    The relaxing bathtub also has a view of the private tsuboniwa inner garden.
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    The spacious traditional Japanese house is able to accommodate up to 6 guests.

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