1-15 Suwabirakichō Shimogyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 600-8832

"Machiya House"

A modern take on the traditional Japanese machiya house. Immerse yourself in historical Kyoto, and local life by renting an entire machiya house for yourselves.







Nishi Honganji Temple (founded in 1591)

A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Shimogyo Ward, this beautiful temple is decorated with intricate and colorful carvings.

“Aoshida” machiya lies a few streets over from Nishi Honganji, which is home to numerous historical temples and modern-day entertainment areas. 



“Aoshida” machiya house was designed to embody not only the traditional, but the modern. Japan, Kyoto in particular, is known for its narrow streets and compact houses — but “Aoshida” cleverly utilizes these features to create an airy space.

The main feature of “Aoshida” is its abundance of natural light — large windows decorate each room of the house, opening up the space to present a warm & inviting atmosphere.


INNER ROOM (Living Room)

A large, and comfortable sofa awaits for you in the living room. Reminisce about your day as you wind down. (This room also provides heated flooring)


A fully functional kitchen can be found on the 1st floor. Because all of the basic kitchen necessities are available, you will be free to use the kitchen to make light meals during your stay.

ESSENTIALS: refrigerator, microwave, rice cooker, kettle, toaster, Induction Heating plates, kitchen utensils, and enough cutleries and dining ware for 4 guests.


A bathroom that features all white creates a clean, and bright space — a perfect space for relaxation. Rejuvenate after a day of traveling, or pamper yourself as your ready for the day.


The “tsuboniwa garden” is a common feature found in traditional Japanese machiya houses. Greenery, typically found in Kyoto gardens, light up at night to offer you a different view of this beautiful garden.

BED ROOM – 2nd Floor

The 2nd floor can sleep up to 3 guests. Your eyes will be drawn up to the large wooden beam that stretches across the ceiling of this western-style bedroom. The richness in color balances the clean white walls to bring a warmth to the space.

(FRONT) BED ROOM – 2nd Floor

A bedroom enveloped by wood, and a skylight that illuminates the space with natural light creates the perfect space to relax.


  • Complimentary WIFI Internet
  • Plasma TV
  • Washing machine
  • Washing detergent
  • Refrigerator
  • Air conditioner
  • Induction Heating Cooker
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Kettle
  • Rice cooker
  • Hair dryer
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Toilet x 1
  • Bathroom (Separate shower & bathtub)
  • 1 Double bed, 2 Twin beds & 1 sofa bed
  • Cookware
  • Plates, cups & cutlery (enough for 4 guests)
  • Kitchen cloth & sponge
  • Kitchen detergent


  • Green Tea leaves, Black Tea bags & Coffee
  • Bath towel & face towel
  • Shampoo, conditioner & body soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Razor
  • Cotton set
  • Hand soap

*No pajamas/yukata will be provided. Please bring your own sleepwear for a pleasant night’s sleep

Room Layout

With easy access from Kyoto Station, Aoshida is located in the ideal neighborhood from where you can visit some of Kyoto’s most famous sightseeing attractions. From Toji Temple (South of Kyoto Station), to Shosei-en Garden east of “Aoshida” machiya. A leisurely walk, or a short bus ride will introduce you to all the city has to offer.



From Kyoto Station to Aoshida by bus
-Approximately 13 minutes by bus:

  1. Take bus No. 110, 104, or 103
  2. Get off at “Shichijo- Omiya” bus stop
  3. Walk to Aoshida (Approximately 3 minutes on foot)
From Kyoto Station to Aoshida by taxi
– Approximately 10 minutes (about 2 kilometers)

*You can get to Kyoto station from Kansai International Airport by JR Express HARUKA line (approximately 80 minutes by train)


1-15 Suwabirakichō Shimogyō-ku, Kyōto 600-8832
Address (in Japanese)
〒600-8832 京都市下京区諏訪開町1-15
Phone (Domestic)
050 3786 2009 (10:00am-19:00pm)
Phone (International)
+81 50 3786 2009 (10:00am-19:00pm)
Operating hours
Check in: 15:00-20:00
Check out: -10:00
Guest service time: 10:00-19:00
Please inform us in advance if you are due to arrive after 9pm.

Local Info

① Le bac a sable
Serving breakfast from 7am to 11 am, they also sell organic vegetables and eggs from Kyoto.

② Cafe Rocca
Popular with the locals, the salad served with their morning set is very popular. They serve breakfast from 10am.

 ③ Kisshokaryo
KyotoFeaturing Japanese sweets made with kinako roasted and ground there inside the store, they also have matcha dessert plates for the matcha lover.

④ Torisin
With the only menu item during lunch their “Oyako-don” using fresh eggs, this is the place to visit if you’re looking for somewhere reasonably priced to enjoy a meal in the Gion area.

⑤ KYOCA Food Laboratory

A space dedicated to enjoying food and sharing knowledge.  The 1st floor is filled with restaurants that use the fresh produce from the nearby market, while the 2nd floor houses specialty shops.  They also periodically host events on the 3rd floor, ranging from cooking classes to workshops.

⑥ Gion Yata
Yata is a machiya-style establishment, with the first floor dedicated to the restaurant, and the bar located on the 2nd floor. They have both course menus and a la carte menus.

⑦ Kyoto Kougetsu
You can enjoy Kyoto-style Kaiseki courses with seasonal vegetables. We recommend the sashimi and nabe dishes using hamo, or pike congers.

⑧ Gion Emon
Not only can you enjoy sushi and other seafood cuisine here, they also offer a variety of Japanese sake and shochu, including local ones made in Kyoto, that would compliment the fish dishes.

⑨ Kyoto Railway Museum

Owned by the West Japan Railway Company, the original museum was built in 1972, but was expanded upon and reopened on April 29th, 2016.  It is the largest railway museum in Japan, boasting the most number of trains with a total of 53 vehicle exhibits.

The perfect blend of traditional and contemporary design. This reimagined kyo-machiya house will transform into your home during your stay in Kyoto.


Per night Per guest
From 20,000 yen per night From  10,000 yen per guest
From 23,000 yen per night From  7,667 yen per guest
From 26,000 yen per night From 6,000 yen per night

This machiya house can accommodate up to 4 guests.

Rates will vary depending on season, date, and number of guests.

(Children who do not require bedding will not be included within the total number of guests.)
*Certain restrictions will apply. Please ask our staff members for more details.