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Machiya Residence Inn

Kyoto's Machiya Accommodation

Machiya Residence Inn is a new type of accommodation service, where you can rent out an entire machiya traditional townhouse all to yourself. Prepare yourself for this unique experience you cannot get at normal hotels or ryokans, of living in Kyoto's historical downtown area just like the Kyoto's locals. Have a taste of their lifestyle at first hand and become part of the Kyoto community.

  • Rikyu


    GRAND OPENING from June in 2015
    Rikyu-an machiya is located in a quiet neighborhood of Higashiyama-ku, with easy access to many of Kyoto's most popular sight seeing spots.
    Kodaiji Temple, Yasaka Pagoda, and Ishibei Koji (a beautiful lane that is reminiscent of the Taisho Period) are just a few of the wonderful attractions that surround this property.

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  • Momohana


    Built about 100 years ago during the Taisho period, this machiya is located on a quiet stone-paved street, only a 8 minute walk from both Shijo-Kawaramachi and Shijo-Karasuma.
    "Shouki-sama", a god of protection for the home, welcomes you in, while "Daikoku-sama" and "Ebisu-sama" bless you with good fortune inside the machiya.

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  • Seijian


    Kameiecho is located below Yamatoji Road in Shijo, just a few minutes away from Kawaramachi and Gion Shijo, the bustling entertainment center of Kyoto. Just a little bit down from Shijo street, tucked away in a quiet neighborhood, is Seijian. The serenity of the tranquil area is surprising considering its proximity to the busy city center.

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  • Geppakuan


    Famous historical sites such as Heianjingu Shrine, Nanzen-ji Temple, The Philosopher's Walk, Silver Pavilion and art museum are all within a small commute. Geppaku-an is just a 6 min walk from the Higashiyama Station's Tozai Line.

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  • konrurian


    Just a 5 minute walk from Omiya station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line, which is just two stations or a 4 minute ride from Karawamachi station.
    A charming traditional Kyoto machiya awaits you.

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  • Azukian


    Azuki-an is located half-way between Gion Hanamikoji Street and the Kamogawa river, which is less than a 10-minute walk to the Kamogawa river, Pontocho, Shijo Kawaramachi, the Yasaka shrine, Minami-za kabuki theater, the Shirakawa river, the Takasegawa river, and many other tranquil & traditional places to visit.

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  • Fushizomean


    Just a 5 minute walk from Omiya station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line, which is just two stations or a 4 minute ride from Karawamachi station.
    A charming traditional Kyoto machiya awaits you.

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  • Suoan


    Located right behind Shoubuan, Suoan can accommodate up to 6 people. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported back to 100 years ago to the Taisho Era when new and unconventional ideas were being encouraged.

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  • Akanean


    This 120 year-old Kyoto machiya is located on a quiet stone-paved street, just 520 meters from World Heritage Site Nijo Castle. Many famous historical and cultural sites can be found within walking distance.

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  • Hatobaan


    Hatoba-an is located near "Gion Higashi," one of Kyoto's five "flower" districts, where geiko and maiko live to learn their performance. It is also near the Shirakawa river and Kamogawa river. Japanese art shops and antique shops line the nearby streets making this a high class area.

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  • Anzuan


    Anzu-an is accessible from both Gojo station- which is just one stop from Kyoto station, as well as Kawaramachi station- the center of Kyoto. This tranquility and beauty of the machiya with its lacquered and lattice windows are a welcoming sight for you to take in.

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  • Shikokuan


    Located just a 6 minute walk from Kawaramachi Station, the center for both shopping and sightseeing in Kyoto. Simply walk across the Kamo River to enjoy popular sightseeing spots such as Gion, Yasaka Shrine or Shijo Kawaramachi.

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  • Kohakuan


    Located in Higashiya, the sightseeing center of Kyoto. Many sightseeing spots such as Gion, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Sanjusangen-do and Kyoto National Museum are close by. Only 5 minutes walk to Tofukuji Station.

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  • Shoubuan


    Located a 9 minute walk from Shijo / Karasuma Station, Shoubuan accommodates up to 8 people. The seamless blending of the traditional and the functional allows guest to experience the “harmony and beauty” of an authentic Kyoto townhouse.

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  • Tokiwa-an


    One train stop from Kyoto station and Shijo Karasuma station and just a 3 minute walk from Gojo station. A machiya nestled in the alleyway of local neighborhood, Tokiwa-an offers a serene and relaxing stay.

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