About Machiya Residence Inn

A place in Kyoto just for you

At Machiya Residence Inn, we rent a house out to only one group at a time. This means that you have an entire house for yourself and your group.
With an entire house at your disposal, you will have room to truly relax.

Various locations to choose from

With machiya spread throughout Kyoto, you'll be able to find the machiya that fits best into your travel plans. From the quiet neighborhoods of the Gion district to the central and convenient location of Shijo-Karasuma, you'll find a different experience in every machiya.

Luxury of a home away from home

At Machiya Residence Inn, you will be able to enjoy the machiya townhouses as you would your very own home. A home away from home, you will find the privacy and comfort that will allow you to indulge yourself in your own personal space.


Below are a select few of our many Machiya accommodations we offer:

Hotei-an Sitting Room

Hotei-an | 布袋庵

A traditional Kyoto house that has stood for over 100 years, it can be found..

Nijo Sumire-an

Sumire-an | 二条すみれ庵

Found in the backyard of Kyoto’s beautifully preserved Nijo castle, and located near a lively..


Tachibana-an | 滋野たちばな庵

From the soft light that filters through the lattice windows of the entranceway, to the..


Kumashu-an | 熊秀庵

A traditional Japanese townhouse hidden amongst the backstreets of Kyoto — immerse yourself within this..


Masarigusa | 東山三条 京のやど 優り草

Found to the east of the Kamogawa River, and with convenient access to some of..

Akanean Guestroom


This 120 year-old Kyoto machiya is located on a quiet stone-paved street, just 520 meters..



Just a 5-minute walk from Omiya station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line, which is two..

Gion Koyu-an Living Room

Gion Koyu-an|祇園 幸遊庵

“Koyu-an” is a machiya house that enables you to charter & stay at a whole..


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Phone: 075-708-5610 / +81-75-708-5610
Operating hours: 10:00-19:00

Sakai, Osaka Prefecture.

One of 33 bayside cities that help to make up the colorful and culturally rich Osaka Prefecture. Located only 30 minutes from Kansai International Airport, and south of the bustling Dotonbori district, this city will introduce you to another side of the popular Osaka. Come and stay in one of our renovated & uniquely designed traditional houses!


Phone: 076-254-1291 / +81-76-254-1291
Operating hours: 10:00-19:00

Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture.

Located on the Western side of Japan– it is affectionately known as “Little Kyoto”. Kanazawa boasts traditional houses, neighborhoods reminiscent of a rich history, unique delicacies, & a plethora of crafts and folk art recognized by UNESCO. With easy access from both Tokyo & Kyoto, Kanazawa is another perfect destination for you during your travels in Japan!