172-8 Kajicho Nakgyo-ku Kyoto 604-8267 Japan

Machiya House

Immerse yourself in the tradition and beauty of an authentic machiya of Kyoto. This 120 year-old Kyoto machiya is located on a quiet stone-paved street, just 520 meters from World Heritage Site, Nijo Castle.







World Heritage Site, Nijo Castle, once served as the residence of the Tokugawa shoguns in Kyoto, who ruled over Japan for more than 260 years. It now houses over 1,000 important cultural treasures that are a testament to the prosperity and power of the Tokugawa shogun era.
Akane-an lies just below the south east side of this historic castle. Amidst the concrete buildings, which show the changes that have taken place over time, this kyo-machiya continues to convey a sense of history.



Situated on a stone-paved street, a regal 120 year-old machiya, with white plastered walls and traditional “mushikado” windows accented with black lattice screens await you.
The inside of the machiya paints a picture of warmth, delicacy, and beauty that is intrinsic to the design of the building. This machiya provides a tranquil area to rest, and forget about the outside world.


Entrance Room

The stone-paved streets that are just outside the lattice screen can be seen from here. A small light that shines through the lattice slats interplays shadow and light — a uniquely machiya sight that is beautiful to behold. The sunken counter seating provides a relaxing setting to drink tea and read books, or write letters during a quiet Kyoto evening.


The restored “hibukuro,” or high ceiling, formerly functioned as a means of releasing the smoke and heat from the kitchen furnace below. The design of the high ceiling and sturdy beam is something that is unique to machiya architecture.

Now, the high ceiling serves as a way of letting in additional light from the skylight above. The kitchen also has a refurbished antique cupboard, which contains traditional dishes and silverware.

“Tsuboniwa” Garden

Japanese plum, Cedar trees, and a “tsukubai” (a stone basin often featured in gardens is used to purify the hands) complete the design of this traditional garden.  It will offer you a quiet, peaceful area, while surrounded by greenery during your stay in Akane-an.


The bathroom is lined with the finest Japanese Cypress wood (hinoki wood), from where visitors can take in a beautiful view of the “tsuboniwa” garden. Enjoy the changes of each seasons while soaking in a relaxing bath. There are 2 toilets, 1 shower/bathtub, and 1 washroom located on the 1st floor.

Living Room

The Japanese-style living room is lined with traditional tatami mats, from where you can also gaze out into the Japanese garden. When the garden is lit up at night, it will offer you another exquisite scenery to enjoy.

If you look up, you can appreciate a traditional “ajiro-tenjo” ceiling — where Japanese wood is woven to create a wickerwork pattern.

2nd Floor

Western-Style Bedroom

Exposed high ceilings, and an old, wooden beam reflect the history and unique architecture of this machiya house. Sliding “shoji” windows (delicately thin Japanese paper) allows for the natural light to fill the room, and reflect off of the dark wooden accents found throughout the space. You will find twin beds in this room that can sleep 2 guests.

Japanese-Style Bedroom

Adjacent to this room is the tatami-lined Japanese bedroom. Here, 2 traditional futon-style bedding can be set.


  • Complimentary WIFI Internet
  • Plasma TV
  • Refrigerator
  • Air conditioner (each room)
  • Induction Heating Cooker
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Kettle
  • Rice cooker
  • Hair dryer
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Toilet x 2 (1st floor x 2)
  • Bathroom x 1 (Separate shower & bathtub)
  • 4 Futon mattress
  • Cookware / Diningware
  • Plates, cups & cutlery (enough for 4 guests)
  • Kitchen cloth & sponge
  • Kitchen detergent


  • Green Tea leaves, Black Tea bags & Coffee
  • Bath towel & Face towel
  • Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Razor
  • Cotton set
  • Hand soap

*No pajamas/yukata will be provided. Please bring your own sleepwear for a pleasant night’s sleep

Room Layout

This Kyo-machiya is only a few streets away from the main Horikawa Street. Numerous bus stops, and the Kyoto city subway allow for easy access between the house and surrounding sightseeing attractions.

With the grand view of Nijo Castle across the street, you will no doubt be able to appreciate the history, which permeates this neighborhood.



From Kyoto Station to Akane-an by Subway
-Approximately 20 minutes by Subway:

  1. Take the Kyoto Subway (Karasuma Line)
  2. Transfer at “Karasuma Oike” Station to the Tozai Line
  3. Get off at “Nijojo-mae” Station (Exit 1)
  4. Walk to Akane-an (Approximately 6 minutes on foot)
From Kyoto Station to Akane-an by Taxi
– Approximately 10 minutes

*You can get to Kyoto station from Kansai International Airport by JR Express HARUKA line (approximately 80 minutes by train)


172-8 Kajicho Nakgyo-ku Kyoto 604-8267
Address (in Japanese)
〒604-8267 京都市中京区鍛冶町172-8
Phone (Domestic)
050 3786 2009 (10:00am-19:00pm)
Phone (International)
+81 50 3786 2009 (10:00am-19:00pm)
Operating hours
Check in: 15:00-20:00
Check out: -10:00
Guest service time: 10:00-19:00
Please inform us in advance if you are due to arrive after 9pm.

Across the main street of Horikawa-dori, you will find a “shoutengai” (local shopping arcade) that is filled with restaurants, small shops, supermarkets, cafes, and more.

If you are looking to truly experience life as a local within Kyoto, stop by the “Sanjo Shoutengai” to pick up fresh produce & local eats to bring back to your machiya house. Stop by in the morning to visit the family-owned bakery for a morning meal and spend time in your machiya house looking out into the garden while enjoying a relaxing meal.

Local Info

① Yubi Café (rice porridge, tea and coffee)

11:00 – 19:00, Closed on Wednesdays. A sophisticated café inside a machiya. Along with their appetizing rice porridge lunch meal, they offer a wide selection of cakes.

② Chiroru Café

6:30 – 19:00, Closed on Sundays and National holidays. This café has a retro atmosphere.

③ Laterner Cafe

Breakfast 9:00 – 11:00 /Lunch 11:30 – 14:30 /Closed on Sat. and Sun.

④ Ranhotei (café)

(Inside Sanjokai Shopping Center). Reservations to participate in a tea ceremony are accepted at this machiya café.

⑤ Coffee Teramachi

(Inside Sanjokai Shopping Center). A machiya café that serves flavorsome coffee.

⑥ Starbucks

Mon.-Fri 6:30-onwards, Sat., Sun., National holidays 7:00-onwards Some irregular holidays. A laid back atmosphere with many sofas.


Breakfast 8:00 – 11:00, Lunch 11:00 – 15:00, Dinner 17:00 – onwards. This café is run by Kyoto Fukujuen. Here you can enjoy a lovely cup of tea while gazing at the garden in this elegant establishment.

⑧ Le Petit Mec (Café and bakery)

8:00-20:00 Closed on Tuesdays. A chic bakery that offers popular and tasty bread and sandwiches. Open late until 20:00 for customer’s convenience.


Per night

Per guest
2 guests From 26,000 yen per night From 13,000 per guest
3 guests From 29,000 yen per night From 9,667 per guest
4 guests From 32,000 yen per night From 8,000 per guest

This machiya house can accommodate up to 4 guests.

Rates will vary depending on season, date, and number of guests.

(Children who do not require bedding will not be included within the total number of guests.)
*Certain restrictions will apply. Please ask our staff members for more details.