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Tatami Mats – Machiya House Features

When you think “traditional Japanese house,” what’s the first thing that pops up in your mind? For us, it may be ‘tatami’. These are woven straw mats that have an almost “sweet” fragrance that is very nostalgic for many Japanese people.

Although tatami mats have a long history in Japan, for a long time, it was used only by aristocrats of high rank.
It is said that Sen no Rikyu, a tea master of the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1574–1600), introduced the tatami to the general public. Sen no Rikyu held his tea ceremonies in ‘chashitsu’ (tea rooms) – small, simple Japanese-style rooms lined with tatami mats. It was a space where people of all classes (samurai warriors, aristocrats, commoners, etc.) gathered.

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