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MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN accepts reservations up to 6 months in advance (which includes the current month).
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'Nishijin-Ori' Kimono Fabrics – Machiya House Features

A particular area of Kyoto is famous for its “nishijin-ori” (woven silk fabric often used to design kimono wear). Only fabric woven in a small area of Kyoto can be designated as “nishijin-ori”, and it’s history dates back to the Heian period (784-1185). It’s name translates to “main camp of the Western Army”.

It was named as such after the Onin War (1467) in Kyoto that lasted for 11 years. After the war ended, silk craftsmen who had scattered throughout the country, gathered again in Kyoto. They resumed the textile industry, and decided to name their woven silk fabrics after the headquarters of the Western Army – hence, “nishi (west) jin (encampent)“.

Our machiya house pictured here features an interior that showcases many antique Nishijin-ori ‘obi’ (kimono sashes) and kimono fabric. Rent ‘Ayaginu’ Machiya House and stay with up to 8 guests!

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    A short walk from Kyoto Station, this elegant private machiya house rental takes inspiration from kimono designs.
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    From the golden custom-made art, to the fabrics of the couch and cushions, materials and patterns used in kimonos are found in the living and dining room.
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    You can find small details throughout ‘Ayaginu’ Machiya House, a renovated Kyoto machiya house, which showcase the beautiful kimono fabrics, like the inside of this light fixture.
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    3 futons can be laid out in the 2nd floor Japanese bedroom for guests. The first floor Japanese tatami room also can accommodate 3 futons.
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    Adjacent to the dining room is the fully-equipped kitchen.
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    The beds in the 2nd floor western style bedroom of this private Japanese holiday house use Tamo wood, which was used in the past strictly by Japanese royalty.

Stay in a traditional Japanese townhouse (machiya) during your next visit to Kyoto, Japan.
Rent a private machiya holiday house – perfect as a short term or long term vacation rental.

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