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Tsuboniwa Garden with ‘Oki-dōrō’ Lantern– Machiya House Features

Hidden down a small alleyway of Kyoto is our machiya house, ‘Kumashu-an’ Machiya House.


Here, you’ll find a small Japanese ‘tsuboniwa’ featuring an ‘oki-dōrō’ lantern. The Yukimi-shoji (paper sliding doors) used here were designed to allow you to enjoy the changing scenery of the four seasons. When you lift up the upper half of the Yukimi-shoji, the door fittings act as a picture frame, perfectly capturing the beautiful balance between the lantern and garden.


Yuki = snow / Mi = to look


The name originated from the fact that you could enjoy the view of the snow from inside of your room.
If you visit during the winter months, you may be luck enough to enjoy a snowy winter scene from the warmth and comfort of this renovated tradtional Japanese machiya house!

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