240-38 Eiyoji-cho Shimogyo-ku Kyoto 〒600-8463

Machiya House

The natural light that pours in from the windows and lamps accentuate each intricate detail found throughout the house. It will evoke an atmosphere of a centuries-old Japan-- the Taisho Era, when new and unconventional ideas were being encouraged.







This machiya expresses the light of new hope and the evanescence found during Japan’s ‘Romantic Taisho Era’ (1912 to 1926).

A time when Japan had recently been exposed to a slightly more western lifestyle, this era ushered in the perfect balance between the traditional Japanese style combined with the vibrant and international scene of the Meiji Period.



“Suo-an” machiya house, accentuated with shades of crimson, is a townhouse that reflects the influence that modern design had on the traditional machiya house.

A large wooden beam stretches across the ceiling — portraying the charm of the traditional architecture. Tatami-mat lined rooms that have been designed with the Japanese tea ceremony room in mind. Enjoy an atmosphere that can only be experienced at Suo-an machiya house.



From the entrance way, guests enter the Japanese room to find a tatami floored-room with raised platforms, which is inspired by old tea ceremony rooms. Throughout the property, guests will find that the latticed-openings of the window allows for the perfect amount of natural light to trickle in, reflecting off the vermilion walls to showcase a different character of the house with each step taken.


A fully functional kitchen can be found on the 1st floor. Because all of the basic kitchen necessities are available, you will be free to use the kitchen to make light meals during your stay.


There are 2 toilets, 1 shower/bathtub, and 1 washroom.

Relax in luxury as you step into the bathroom lined with cypress wood, bathe in the granite-tiled bathtub, and take in the garden’s beauty through the glass-pane window.

“Tsuboniwa” Garden

From the larger Japanese room, you are able to enjoy your own private Japanese Garden. This tiny space will provide you with a view of all seasons that Japan has to offer with plants and greenery native to Japan. Even with the “shoji” sliding door of the garden is closed,  the soft glow of the natural light will illuminate the living room.

Living Room

Tatami-mats (Traditional straw mats), a low table and floor seating will allow you to reminisce about  your day as you relax with a cup of tea or traditional Japanese snack. Surrounded by the deep crimson walls of Suo-an, this serene atmosphere is the perfect place for you to relax and unwind in this room after a long day of traveling around the historical city of Kyoto.

2nd Floor

Western-style Bedroom

Traditional-style wooden beams line the bedroom’s high ceilings to highlight how a modern, open space can integrate honored architectural elements. The red light fixture above the bed showcases a modern take on the traditional Japanese paper lantern.

There are 2 semi-double size beds available in this room.

Japanese-style Bedroom

Across the hallway you will fined the tatami-lined bedroom with futon bedding to sleep 2 guests. The bedroom is designed with a high ceiling and built using old cross beams, while the lattice windows allow both the natural and interior lighting to bathe the room in a soft light.

Should there be more than 4 guests, 2 additional futon bedding will be set in the 1st Floor Japanese room. This machiya can accommodate up to 6 people comfortably.



  • Complimentary WIFI Internet
  • Plasma TV
  • Washing machine (Clothes Dryer function included)
  • Washing detergent
  • Refrigerator
  • Air conditioner (each room)
  • Induction Heating Cooker
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Kettle
  • Rice cooker
  • Hair dryer
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Toilet x 2
  • Bathroom (Separate shower & bathtub)
  • 2 Twin beds & 4 Futon mattress
  • Cookware / Diningware
  • Plates, cups & cutlery (enough for 6 guests)
  • Kitchen cloth & sponge
  • Kitchen detergent


  • Green Tea Leaves, Black Tea Bags & Coffee
  • Bath Towel & Face Towel
  • Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Razor
  • Cotton set
  • Hand soap

*No pajamas/yukata will be provided. Please bring your own sleepwear for a pleasant night’s sleep

Room Layout

The “Shijo” area of Kyoto is know to be the popular shopping and dining district. You’ll find plenty of dining options to choose from — all within walking distance.

We recommend stopping by “Nishiki Market,” a lively shopping arcade with shops that sell fresh seafood & poultry, Kyoto-grown produce, hand-made side dishes, “tsukemono,” (pickled vegetables), and more. Just north of Suo-an, pick up some of the delicious things that Nishiki Market has to offer and utilize the kitchen found at your machiya house.



From Kyoto Station Suo-an by Subway
-Approximately 14 minutes by Subway:

  1. Take the Kyoto Subway (Karasuma Line)
  2. Get off at “Shijo” Station (Exit 6)
  3. Walk to Suo-an (Approximately 9 minutes on foot)
From Kyoto Station to Suo-an by Taxi
– Approximately 8 minutes

*You can get to Kyoto station from Kansai International Airport by JR Express HARUKA line (approximately 80 minutes by train)


240-38 Eiyoji-cho Shimogyo-ku Kyoto 〒600-8463
Address (in Japanese)
〒600-8463 京都市下京区永養寺町240-38
Phone (Domestic)
050 3786 2009 (10:00am-19:00pm)
Phone (International)
+81 50 3786 2009 (10:00am-19:00pm)
Operating hours
Check in: 15:00-20:00
Check out: -10:00
Guest service time: 10:00-19:00
Please inform us in advance if you are due to arrive after 9pm.

This machiya house is found in the central area of Kyoto city. With all of Kyoto’s transportation options available within a short walking distance, it is quite easy to visit your favorite sightseeing in attractions.

Grab a One-day Bus Pass, to explore the entire Higashiyama area (located east of Suo-an). You’ll be able to see the wonders of Kiyomizu Temple, the cherry-blossom lined Philosopher’s Path during the spring, the cool gardens of Kenninji Temple, and more.

Take the Kyoto City Subway West to Nijo Castle — a castle with an interesting history and background regarding its former resident and architecture.

Local Info

A Mexican style restaurant with an at-home atmosphere. Open for lunch as well as dinner time, guests can enjoy their various Mexican dishes as well as an assortment of Mexican beverages.

A trendy Hamburg Steak specialty shop with a large fan base both with tourists and with locals. Their specialty is their 100% Kyoto Pork Hamburg Steak.

Rated 2 stars by Michelin, this Japanese style restaurant boasts an owner chef who previously studied at one of Kyoto’s most beloved restaurants. They also have a wide selection of Japanese sake to match their dishes.

A ramen shop that can easily be found with their large black sign and yellow lanterns. They specialize in ginger ramen and ginger fried rice.

5.吟味屋 菜々色
Located inside a renovated machiya, this restaurant has a wide and varied menu containing Japanese dishes with a twist. By using fresh and seasonal ingredients from around Japan, they constantly keep their menu new and surprising.

6. 光月
A small counter only sushi restaurant. With skills from years of making sushi, Kogetsu is beloved by many locals.

7. 焼肉はやし
A Japanese grill style restaurant where you can grill your own meat at your table. This particular restaurant is known for their wide selection of meat as well as Horumon, or tripe and innards.


Per night

Per guest
2 guests From 28,000 yen per night From 14,000 yen per guest
3 guests From 31,000 yen per night From 10,333 yen per guest
4 guests From 34,000 yen per night From 8,500 yen per guest
5 guests From 37,000 yen per night From 7,400 yen per guest
6 guests From 40,000 yen per night From 6,667 yen per guest

This machiya house can accommodate up to 6 guests.

Rates will vary depending on season, date, and number of guests.

(Children who do not require bedding will not be included within the total number of guests.)
*Certain restrictions will apply. Please ask our staff members for more details.