Premium MACHIYA Breakfast Bento delivered to your machiya

Savor the taste of authentic Kyoto cuisine with our ‘Kyoto Traditional MACHIYA Breakfast Bento’. Created in collaboration with Chef Horii of Kiyojirou, a traditional Japanese restaurant specializing in fine Kyoto Cuisine, this breakfast bento combines the culinary traditions of Japan together with seasonal Kyoto ingredients.

Enjoy a relaxing morning in your machiya with an authentic taste of Kyoto.

Made exclusively for our MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS guests.


※ MACHIYA Breakfast Bento reservations must be made at least 2 days before preferred delivery date (by 15:00).
※ MACHIYA Breakfast Bento will be delivered to your machiya house between: 7:30AM ~ 9:30AM
(Delivery time may be delayed due to weather and traffic conditions.)
※ Any cancellation made one (1) day prior to your reserved delivery date will result in a 100% cancellation fee.
※ Menu selection will change seasonally.

Your MACHIYA COFFEE will be placed in your machiya in advance. Please enjoy your coffee or tea alongside your MACHIYA Breakfast Bento.

Enjoy the authentic taste of Kyoto in your machiya
This original Japanese-style MACHIYA Breakfast Bento was produced by master chef, Tetsuya Horii, who worked close to 20 years alongside the best Japanese chefs in one of Kyoto’s most historical ryokan. Chef Horii is now the owner-chef of his own restaurant, Kiyojirou, a restaurant that offers its patrons highly-rated exquisite Japanese cuisine in Kyoto.