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MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN accepts reservations up to 6 months in advance (which includes the current month).
Please check back on our website on the 1st of every month to see the new reservation openings of our traditional Japanese holiday homes!

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'Koke' Moss in Tsuboniwa Gardens - Machiya House Features

‘Ko-ke’ (苔), or moss, is a familiar sight in Japan, where it is appreciated and incorporated within many ‘tsuboniwa’ gardens. With its warm climate and abundant rainfall, Japan has an abundance of moss (more than 1,700 species throughout the country!).


There is even a traditional poem about moss in the Manyoshu, one of the oldest collections of Japanese poems dating back to the Nara period (710-794). Pictured here is ‘Shobu-an’ Machiya House, where you can have the Japanese tsuboniwa to yourself while renting out this traditional Japanese house.

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    Slide open the lattice doors of this Kyoto house to reveal your own private tsuboniwa inner garden.
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    Shobu-an Machiya House is located near downtown Shijo, Nishiki Market and a leisurely walk to the atmospheric lanes of Ponto-cho alley.
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    This traditonal Japanese house has a Hibukuro chimney, which helps ventilate the house while also letting in bright sunlight during the day time.
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    Relax in the sophisticated bathroom with Hinoki lemon-scented wood and dark stone tiles. You can view the tsuboniwa garden from the bathtub!
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    The unique light fixture in the second floor bedroom is a modern take on traditional Japanese paper lanterns.
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    Shobu-an Machiya House, a traditional Japanese house located in Kyoto City, Japan, can accommodate up to 8 guests.

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