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MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN accepts reservations up to 6 months in advance (which includes the current month).
Please check back on our website on the 1st of every month to see the new reservation openings of our traditional Japanese holiday homes!

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'Ne-yu' Bathtub – Machiya House Features

Can you guess why there are 2 “bathtubs” in this machiya house? One is a bathtub that you are accustomed to, while the shallow bathtub is a “ne-yu”. If you are a fan of ‘onsen’ hot springs, you may have seen one of these before!

When translated directly, “ne-yu” mean = sleep + bath. While you don’t actually sleep in the bathtub, you are able to completely lie down, allowing the hot water to flow over your body. This method is said to be highly relaxing, as the body floats on the surface of the water, reducing the gravitational force on the body – creating an extremely relaxing effect.

Relax and unwind during your next holiday in Kyoto while admiring the tsuboniwa garden in ‘Yoitsubaki’ Machiya House.

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    ‘Yoitsubaki’ Machiya House is located near Sanjusangendo Temple, with easy access to Tofukuji Temple and Fushimi Inari Shrine.
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    At night, the tsuboniwa inner garden has a completely different ambiance to the view during daytime. Relax after a long day of exploring Kyoto City in the spacious bathtub of this traditional machiya townhouse accommodation
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    The inner garden at ‘Yoitsubaki’ Machiya House. During the spring you can see the plum blossoms, while in the fall you can enjoy maple leaves.
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    You can enjoy the changing seasons in the tsuboniwa garden in the Japanese tatami room and engawa veranda at this private machiya house.
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    This spacious renovated Japanese machiya house can accommodate up to 8 guests.
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    The paper sliding windows in the second floor western bedroom lets soft light into this private holiday house.

Stay in a traditional Japanese townhouse (machiya) during your next visit to Kyoto, Japan.
Rent a private machiya holiday house – perfect as a short term or long term vacation rental.

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