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'Asagi' Color - Machiya House Features

Do you love this traditional asagi color? The name of this Japanese house is ‘Asagi-an’, inspired by the blue-green ‘asagi’ color worn by the Shinsengumi (masterless samurai warriors who policed Kyoto city during the final years of the Edo Period). Depending on who you ask, the Shinsengumi warriors are either heroes or violent assassins — but that is a story for another day!

One thing the Shinsengumi are known for is their asagi-colored uniform, which was modeled after a character of a traditional Kabuki play. It is said that a top Shinsengumi leader chose this asagi color, because he believed that the Kabuki character who wore the asagi-colored uniform was the embodiment of a loyal samurai warrior. (😅However, as the bright asagi color was very visible on the streets of Kyoto, the uniform was not worn very often…)

We hope you remember this little piece of history during your stay at our traditional Japanese house, ‘Asagi-an’ Machiya House!

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