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Roof Designs – Machiya House Features

This Kyoto house features 2 different roof designs. The roof design on the 2F is known as ‘ichimonji kawara’, which are very quintessential of traditional Japanese homes. The ones on the 1st floor are a little more special – as it features a ‘kiku’ (chrysanthemum) flower design.

The ‘kiku’ flower was introduced to Japan from China during the Nara period (710-794), and was favored by the imperial family. It decorates the roof of the Imperial palace in Kyoto and many shrines and temples. But there was a time in history when the use of ‘kiku’ decorations were strictly prohibited as it was the crest of the imperial family. (Now, you can even find it decorating the front of the Japanese passport)

You’ll also find kiku designs throughout this traditional Japanese house! From the roof tiles, sliding doors — even the edge of the tatami floor. Let us know how many ‘kiku’ designs you can find when you stay at ‘Masarigusa’ Machiya House!

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    This luxurious Kyoto house is located in northern Gion, just a short walk from downtown Kyoto and Sanjo Station.
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    A beautiful private tsuboniwa garden can be enjoyed while staying at Masarigusa.
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    Masarigusa machiya house has a spacious kitchen and dining area in addition to the traditional Japanese room with tatami.
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    The tsuboniwa inner garden of this traditional Japanese house took inspiration from Hasegawa Tohaku’s ink-painted “Pine Trees”. You can enjoy the view from every room!
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    Up to 8 guests can stay at this Kyoto house. There is also a shower and toilet on the 2nd floor in addition to the bathroom and toilet on the 1st floor, making this machiya house perfect for groups.
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    The slate grey tiles and classic wooden bathtub of this Kyoto house will have you relaxed after a day of exploring the sights in Kyoto city!

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