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'Rikka' Wall Paper Design - Machiya House Features

What images come to mind when you see the wall paper design? Let us know your interpretation in the comment section!

Known as ‘Rikka’ (六花) in Japanese, these hexagonal shapes represent snow crystals, but when translated directly can be read as “six flowers”. 六 = 6 / 花 = Flowers

In Japan, snow has long been considered an auspicious pattern. This was because with heavy snowfall, there would be an abundance of melted snow water, which would lead to a bountiful crop in the following year! But this isn’t a pattern that is just used during the winter. You’ll find it on summer & spring kimono garments, too, as it gives off a cool and breezy image. Find the design in ‘Yorozuha’ Machiya Holiday House, located in Kyoto City, Japan!

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